300g Modeling Kinetic Glow in the Dark Sand
Price RM20.00
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 5 cm x 17 cm
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Malaysia Not Applicable

Modeling Kinetic Glow in the Dark Sand might be one of the coolest, most addictive toys to come around in quite some time. 

Modeling Kinetic Glow in the Dark Sand acts like wet beach sand, but it's completely dry and mess-free!

And because it only sticks to itself and not your hands, feel free to sculpt it, mold it, and write on it anywhere especially indoors!

Once you transform the pliable substance into a sand castle, pyramid, or creature, add fun details by drawing on the sand with the included UV pen.

Wherever you draw, the sand will glow bright green in the dark!

After turning out the lights, keep your awesome creations glowing, and the fun going!

This set of toy consists of:

  • 300g Kinetic Sand Molds
  • 1 LED Pen

Direction to play:

  • Use mold to make into any shapes you like
  • You can use the pen to write on the sand with lights on, then it will glow in the dark.


  • Play just like clay but cleaner
  • Easy to fall from hand (please let the hand stay dry)
  • Easy to clean as it is easy to pickup.
  • Stress releasing, similar texture like slime
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