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Bouncing the Room Game- Family Game
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Size (L x W x H) 21 cm x 11 cm x 28 cm
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This set consists of:

  • Chicken coop
  • 36 chickens
  • 1 Die 2-4 Players

Suitable for 3 years and above, but we recommend at least 5 years old to play this game.

Objective of the game: Toss all of your Chickens in before they go boom!

Set up:

  • Set the Coop in the middle to the playing area so everyone can reach it.
  • Toss the Chickens into the Game box, or a bowl you may have, and mix them up.
  • Each player should randomly take Chickens of varying colors, making sure they're divided evenly between players (with 2 players, each would have 18 chickens, and so on).
  • Each player should pile their chickens nearby, easily reachable, and line up 3 of them in a row directly in front of them, away from their pile.


  • The youngest player starts the madness by pressing down the Coop firmly.
  • This begins the limited play time, so now the first player should hurry and roll the Die and try to toss in Chickens! You never know when the Coop will jump up!

The Die:

  • If the Die matches the color of one of your Chickens in your row, toss that Chicken into the Coop.
  • Only the player rolling the Die can toss in Chickens.
  • You may only toss 1 Chicken per roll.
  • Roll again and keep rolling and tossing Chickens into the Coop until the Die does not match any of the Chicken colors in your row.
  • If the Die does not match any of your Chicken colors, pass the Die to the first person on your left with the matching color.
  • If the color on the Die does not match any of the players' Chicken, pass the Die to the player on the left and so on.

The Coop: 

  • When the Coop jumps up and Chicken go boom, the player in possession of the Die must gather the Chickens from the tray and those that flew off to pick 3 and add into their pile while the rest of the Chickens go out of play.
  • If the Die was in the middle of being passed, and it is not clear who had possession, each of these 2 players take 2 chickens to add to each of their pile.
  • The player with the Die starts the madness again by pressing down the Coop and continuing with their turn.
  • If it was unclear who possessed the Die, the Die goes back to the one who was passing it and they continue rolling.
  • Play continues until 1 Player has gotten rid of all of their chickens. Winning: The first player to toss in all of their chickens is the winner.

Package dimension: 21cm x 11cm x 28cm

Product volumetric weight: 1.3kg

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