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Dunk Hat- Family Game
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Size (L x W x H) 27 cm x 7 cm x 27 cm
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  • This set contain: Dunk hat with water tank and goggles, targets & foam balls.
  • Goggles serve as a purpose to protect the eye got hit from the foam balls.
  • Foam ball are very light, reduces the strength when hit the person.
  • Target is easy to move, just need a little touch will do.
  • For kids 5 years and above.
  • Adult assembly required.

Objective: Soak the player wearing the Dunk Hat by hitting one of the targets with a ball!

Get ready:

  1. Attach one target to each side of the Dunk Hat.
  2. The oldest player wears the Dunk Hat first. Make sure the Dunk Hat sits securely on your head and the goggles completely cover your eyes.
  3. Position the targets forward and the water tank upright.
  4. Pour water into the tank (don't overfill it! and close the cap. Make sure the tank remains upright so it doesn't tip over. 
  5. Play! Dunk head wearer, stand still!
  6. If there are multiple players throwing, the youngest player goes first.
  7. Stand about 10 steps away from the Dunk Hat wearer. On your turn: throw each ball at a target. If you hit a target, you win!
  8. The water tank will tip over and soak the dunk hat wearer!
  9. If you don't hit a target after 3 throws, the next player gets to try.
  10. If you are the only player throwing, you get 6 more tries before you have to put on the dunk hat! Take turns until someone hits a target or each player throwing has had 1 turn.
  11. If all players complete a turn without hitting a target, the dunk hat wearer picks a new person to put on the dunk hat!
  12. Win!: If you hit a target and soak the dunk hat wearer, you win!
  13. Have a dunk hat wearer pick a new person to put on the dunk hat, and play again! 
  14. Putting the game away: Carefully remove both targets. make sure the dunk hat is clean and completely dry before putting it back in the box.

**Note: Use only clean tap water to fill tank. Play in an open area, and have a towel nearby to clean up spilled water. 

  • Package dimension: 27cm x 7cm x 27cm
  • Product volumetric weight: 1.1kg
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