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Loony Bin- Family Game
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Size (L x W x H) 22 cm x 13 cm x 27 cm
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Objective: Be the player to get the most of your colored paper balls into this crazy trash can.

Players: 2-4

Steps to play:

  1. Each player should choose their own color from the paper provided, then crumple them into paper balls. (There are 6 pieces of paper in each of the 4 different colors.)
  2. Turn ON the Loony Bin and set the difficulty level you want to play (Level 1= Beginners. Level 2= Expert)
  3. Place it on the floor and press the Start button to start the game.
  4. As the Loony Bin runs around, it will stop and change directions. It may even bump into things as it's on its crazy run.
  5. Try to throw all of your papers into the Loony Bin as the lid opens and closes.
  6. You can either chase the trash can around the room, or, to make it difficult, you can stand in one place.
  7. The first player to get all of their paper balls into the Loony Bin will be the winner!
  8. Or, When Loony Bin stops his crazy run, the player with the most of their colored paper balls inside Loony Bin will win!

**Note about the lid: If you think this Loony Bin is too much to handle, you can snap off the lid (be sure) to leave the ring!. This will make it easier to make a basket.

**Set up guidebook will be provided.

For age 4 and above 2-4 players

Package dimension: 22cm x 13cm x 27cm

Product volumetric weight: 1.6kg

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