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Moustache Smash
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Size (L x W x H) 24 cm x 7 cm x 25 cm
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Look! Match! Smash! Moustache Smash is the stache smashing game that’s full of speedy, silly-looking fun!

Each player holds a moustache up to their face. As each card is turned over, watch for a card matching your ‘stache in color or shape. See a match, and smash it fast! If you're the fastest, your moustache’s suction cup will pick it up and you score a point. But don’t smash the wrong card, or you’ll pay a 2-card penalty!

Collect the most moustache cards and you win. Moustache Smash is a suspenseful and hilarious game rolled in one! Features

Remember which moustache you’re wearing and watch for a card match. If it’s the same color or shape, SMASH that ‘stache card! If you’re the fastest, you get a point. A Moustache Pass card makes everyone pass their ‘stache to their left. Don’t forget what your new one looks like or you might smash the wrong ‘stache! When the entire deck of 32 moustache cards is gone, the player who has collected the most moustache cards wins!


Nomination: Amazon Top Toys (2014), Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award (2014)


Moustache Smash is for 3-6 players, ages 7+



  • 6 Moustache Sticks
  • 32 Moustache Card
  • 1 Instruction Sheet


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